College Funding

Effective college fund planning requires an extensive knowledge of the educational, social and financial aid system. Many families do not realize that paying for college is also a retirement issue. The average annual cost of attendance to an in-state public college is $21,447; whereas a conservative budget for private college attendance is currently $42,224 annually. These numbers are disconcerting for parents because of the threat to their retirement funds and to students because of the potential of being saddled with long-term student loan debt. To address these issues, we have partnered with financial professionals across the country who are equipped to assist with both areas of concern.

When making a major investment (such as purchasing a home) it is helpful to work with an expert who is familiar with the industry (such as a realtor) and who can help you navigate the unfamiliar terrain. College funding is no different. Our experts are available to assist you in making decisions based on industry knowledge and experience:

  • Personal consultation with a college planning consultant to discuss your family’s individual needs
  • Help you understand available financial aid
  • Suggest income and tax strategies
  • Financial planning for the future