Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are approaching retirement or are in retirement the concern for most is the thought of not having enough income to afford the lifestyle you currently enjoy or eventually enjoying the lifestyle you’ve waited and worked so hard for. Either way, retirement income has posed a major challenge for most individuals; one that we feel a sense of duty to help you successfully overcome.

There are three major phases of Retirement Income Management:

  • The Accumulation Phase
  • The Distribution Phase
  • The Preservation or Transfer Phase

We will take you through each phase and will partner with you to uncover the various opportunities, options, and concerns included in each phase and walk you through the process of:

  • Determining how much retirement income you will need
  • Identifying your “income for life” sources
  • Estimating how long your current income plan may last
  • Calculating how much additional income you may need
  • Evaluating your additional income sources

When developing a plan, we will look at all the major elements involved in income planning, including growth, income streams, flexibility, and preservation and work with you to develop a plan that satisfies your interests, goals and objectives.

As an independent insurance firm, we are able to utilize dozens of insurance carriers to find the best rates and product solutions to fit your specific needs. We also offer complimentary reviews on your existing annuity and life insurance contracts.