“Safely Building and Protecting Wealth”

Chuck Sampair of CR Financial Services has been in financial services business for over 18 years and has a very large client base in the Puget Sound area. Chuck started his career selling Mortgage Protection (Term) Life Insurance in 2004, during the middle of the mortgage growth boom and was able to rapidly built up a large client base.

When the market crashed in 2008 Chuck recognized the effect the market was having his clients and searched to find ways to help.

Chuck partnered with a large national financial agency with the goal of providing safe strategies using Index Life Insurance and Annuities to build and protect his client’s hard earned money. By using Index Universal Life he helps his younger clients build up cash value plans that have great potential growth using a safe strategy which can produce tax free income at retirement.

For his older clients he helps with safe money Fixed Index Annuities to protect their hard earned savings while offering attractive growth potential and guaranteed income options for retirement.

CR Financial Services helps clients with income planning strategies, social security maximization, mortgage and debt reduction strategies, ways to save on taxes and increase cash flow, insurance and annuity policy reviews and comparisons, college funding, asset protection and much more. Our mission is to help clients gain balance and perspective and always offer safe solutions for growing and protecting wealth. We believe in diversification and understands it’s not a “one size fits all” world out there so we look at each case individually.

All this has helped CR Financial Services grow into one of the Puget Sound area’s top full service agencies. We gather information and make suggestions and we never charge for our services. We also continue to partner with large national agencies who offer teams of CPAs and CFPs to help with tax planning and investment advice.

Our motto is “safely building and protecting wealth” and we are always at your service.